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Top 10 Nano Reef Aquarium Mistakes—And How to Avoid Them!

At Marine Depot, we’ve been assisting nano coral reef enthusiasts be successful for over 20 years. Since the production of the Nano Cube, little coral reef fish tanks have actually ended up being significantly prominent. When time, spending plan, as well as room are restricted, Nano storage tanks supply a practical means to maintain a coral reef fish tank.

We’ve distilled all our years of expertise right into this episode to aid you stay clear of several usual pratfalls brand-new enthusiasts succumb. When you’re very first beginning out as well as in the years to come, we’ve additionally shared some straightforward ideal techniques that will certainly establish you on a program for success!

For those of you simply starting, a nano container is just a little fish tank– generally anything listed below 40 gallons.

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Error # 1: Moving as well Fast 0:51

Error # 2: Irresponsible Stocking 2:11

Blunder # 3: Overfeeding 4:09

Blunder # 4: Using Tap Water 5:28

Blunder # 5: Not Enough Water Changes 6:25

Blunder # 6: Fussing with a Nano Skimmer 7:17

Blunder # 7: Neglecting Filter Media 8:11

Error # 8: Manually Topping Off with Freshwater 9:11

Error # 9: Not Testing Your Aquarium Water 9:55

Error # 10: Neglecting The Basics 10:54


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