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Short Aquarium soil review Akadama soil for shrimp tanks

Fish Tank Setup Ideas Linked in this video clip:
Do It Yourself Shrimp Feeding Dish and also Aquarium Gravel Cleaning

Fish tank upkeep items made use of in this video clip:
Crushed Lava

Throughout fish tank upkeep sessions or while aqua scaping a nano container, shots were absorbed actual time or time-lapse with phone or activity electronic cameras. Those are some DIY fish tank leisure activity day-to-day regular suggestions for grown storage tanks, coral reef containers, as well as freshwater fish tanks that we as well as you can make use of.


Our Fish as well as Shrimp Keeping Tutorials are based upon our DIY experience maintaining fish tanks with exotic fish, shrimp, and also various other freshwater or deep sea animals.
We have primarily fresh water fish tank arrangement, shrimp reproducing as well as maintaining experience, as well as we have actually just recently begun with deep sea fish tank configuration.

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In this video clip, we show just how to make use of a container reducing devices we just recently acquired to make an one-of-a-kind shrimp feeding plate. We additionally undergo exactly how to clean up as well as utilize our Akadama as well as Crushed Lava Bags in the container.

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Reproduction Tank Setup Neocaridina Shrimp – Shallow Aquarium – Part 1

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Please send us your responses and also ideas on what you would certainly intend to see even more of in the fish tank and also fishkeeping pastime!

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