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Penn-Plax Clear-Free Premium Under Gravel Aquarium Filter (UGF) – Freshwater and Saltwater Safe – Suitable for 40 – 55 Gallon Tanks

NOTHING LIKE OLD SCHOOL: The Clear-Free Premium Under Gravel Filter is air driven as well as uses an Air Pump (not consisted of) to cycle crystal clear water throughout your fish tank, while maintaining a cool as well as crisp appearance inside. When water proceeds to be attracted with, anaerobic microorganisms conquers and also accumulates within the crushed rock and also filter plates.ALSO AERATES YOUR TANK: Since the Clear-Free Premium Under Gravel Filter is air driven with the usage of Air Stones and also an Air Pump( not consisted of), it additionally freshens your storage tank. In significance, your fish tank is being filteringed system and also freshened at the exact same time, though the exact same system!

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