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Oubest Fish Tank Rocks Glow Blue/Glow in The Dark Pebbles for Garden/Fish Tank/Aquarium/Plant Pots/Bonsai Walkway/Driveway 100pcs

HOW IT WORKS: Glow rocks soak up as well as save light and after that when in darkness they produce light, with 2-3 hrs of intense radiance and after that slowly lower away. They can duplicate this procedure for 15 years.VERSATILE DECOR:

In darkness, they radiance and also assistance to reveal pathway, course, driveway, flooring, or enhance yard, fish tank, aquarium, plant pots, bonsai.PRODUCING SPECIAL

EFFECTS: With the dreamlike radiance in darkness, they might generate unique effects.NON-RADIOACTIVE & NON-TOXIC: Made of long-afterglow luminescent

powder, polystyrene material, which are safe and also do not have any type of contaminated elements.WARM TIPS: The darker the bordering and also the even more direct exposure to noticeable light, the a lot more brilliant

radiance can be seen. When using, do not pile rocks on top of each various other.

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