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Hygger 100w Immersion Aquarium Heater Unboxing & Review #hygger #aqqa

Many Thanks @Hygger Aquarium Products Videos for the incredible fish tank heating unit to evaluate! Its ideal for anybody seeking to conceal their tools as best as feasible! This fish tank heating system is excellent as well as completely submersible for any kind of grown or bare lower fish container.

Check out their site:

100w Hygger Immersion Aquarium Heater:

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00:00 Intro
01:39 Hygger Immersion Aquarium Heater Unboxing
02:38 Size Comparison
03:10 Hygger Heater Setup & Test
5:47 Eheim Heater Test
7:17 Aquarium Coop Heater Test
8:28 Heater Price Comparison
10:42 Cons & pros