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Aquarium Cloudy Water Fixed, Green Killing Machine Review and results in a fresh water tank.

Invite to my evaluation of the Green Killing Machine, interior UV sterilizer with its very own power head.
I have a 54 gallon freshwater fish tank with online plants, tetras as well as angel fish. I utilize a Hydor cylinder filter system and also have actually had no good luck staying on top of cost-free drifting algae.
In this evaluation, I check out the Green Killing Machine version GKM 9W.
Hyperlinks to items revealed are listed below:

9 watt Green Killing Machine:

24 watt Green Killing Machine (I ought to have bought this):.

LIVE Amano Shrimp, extremely cleansers!

As an amazon associate I gain from certifying acquisitions. Thanks!

Hydor Canister Filter System, I’ve been running this storage tank with this system because 2017. Efficient and also extremely silent, I maintain it in the closet under the storage tank:

I do NOT advise this Fluval in-line-clarifier, 3W system that I had actually been making use of for a number of weeks prior to examining the GKM device. See it right here:

The Eheim Surface Skimmer that has actually benefited several years can be discovered below:

LIVE Nerite Snails that cleanse your container of algae as well as do not recreate in freshwater:

I manage my online grown aquarium container with a programmable fish tank illumination system from Fluval, I configure it as well as make modifications with my mobile phone:

Discover more regarding this 54 gallon fish tank right here:

I such as to customized reduced my water brightening towel from this 50 micron filter material:.
It also gathers algae as well as I sufficed for my Hydor final-stage filtering:.