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All In One Nature Aquarium Fertiliser | Best for Low Tech/Cost Planted Aquariums | Mayur Dev Tips

Suitable Fertilizers are Offered In a Store Near you

Deteriorate Tamilnadu – Beena Aquarium.
Get In Touch With – Sheriff HM – 9080319393.

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Get In Touch With – Siddharth Mehta – The Discus Store – 8111088800.

” Happiness is as near to me as the closest Nature Aquarium” – Mayur Dev.

Gujarat – Sagar Aquarium.
Call – Asif Shaikh – 9898553858.

Navi Mumbai.
Get in touch with – Aditya – AquaMachine – 8454064310.

Bhopal – Fish-N-Fun.
Get In Touch With – Johar Husain Saif – 9039843592.

With experience of a Lifetime maintaining Aquariums and also a solid link and also Understanding of Nature, Mayur Dev – Aquascaper is the Promoter of Still Water Aquariums India LLP as well as Aquarium Products India LLP.

Mayur Dev as well as his group are individuals behind the idea of this YouTube Channel and also various other Social Media systems devoted to ensuring that the Nature Aquarium Hobby is incredibly popular in the Indian Subcontinent.

Chennai – Aqua Plant Studio.
Get in touch with – Subhan – 9841090486.

Delhi – Chlorophyll.
Call – Vikram Das Gupta – 9007830111.

Fish Tank Products India
Get in touch with Amitha – +91 889627427 4.

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Belgaum – Tropical Aquariums.
Get in touch with – Hussain – 9886202493.

Get In Touch With – Narendra Kulkarni – 9890819197.

Kolkata – Ripples.
Call – Gautham Gupta – 9830037975.

Get In Touch With – Rajan Patil – Aakar Aquarium – 9821579869.
Call – Underwater Scapes – Durvesh – 7718904463.
Call – Amol Patil – Aqua globe Gallery – 9870142431.

Opening up Hours:.
Monday to Saturday: 11:00 am– 7:00 pm.

Bangalore – Aquaverse.
Call – Nancy – 9886570338.

Fish Tank Products India.
First Stage, 95/A, Kurla Kamgar Co-op. Real Estate Society, Kamgar Nagar, Kurla (East), Mumbai– 400024.
Mobile No: +91 889627427 4.

Still Water Aquariums India LLP.
Mumbai Office:.
Very Beginning, 70/B, Kurla Kamgar Co-op. Real Estate Society, Kamgar Nagar, Kurla (East), Mumbai– 400024.
Mobile No: +91 982040426 1.

Get In Touch With – Vikas Shimpi – Aquadunia – 9175620804.