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Airmax MuckAway Natural Pond Muck Remover – Safely Clears Muck and Sludge from Beaches and Shorelines; Fish, Plant and Wildlife Friendly – 3 Month Supply, 48 Scoops

Remove Pond Muck Naturally: MuckAway removes the slimy sludge along your beach or shoreline using hungry, beneficial bacteria, so you can wade in for a quick dip in your pond without feeling the ick under your toes

Clean from the Bottom Up: Precision release MuckAway pellets sink below the surface, releasing beneficial bacteria that feed on that thick, smelly layer of slimy muck made of sunken organic debris that serves as an ideal habitat for leeches and food source for algae

Removes up to 2 inches per Month: 1 scoop every 2 weeks (once water temps are above 50F) treats up to 1500 square feet of shoreline, as the aerobic bacteria eat away up to 2 inches per month

Safe for Wildlife: This Probiotic treatment is made with naturally occurring bacteria, enzymes and micro-nutrients; it’s safe for ponds and lakes used for swimming, fishing and recreation, as well as farm ponds for livestock, horses, birds, pets, fish and other wildlife

Enjoy a Cleaner Lake for a Lifetime: Most see results in as little as two treatments with MuckAway β€” a long-term solution your whole family will enjoy

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