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3IN1 Aquarium Filter Activated Carbon Foam Pads – Activated Carbon Matten Filter Media For 20 Gallon Betta Fish Tank Supplies, Brine Shrimp Coarse Sponge Bio Filter Sheet – Filter Sponge Accessories

The density of 3 layer fish tank sponges makes it ideal as well as long lasting for your axolotl container, cherry shrimp storage tank, as well as turtle tank!Three Wishes Granted-The 3IN1 filter sponges come with 3 various layers with various dimensions of open pores filter pads. Optimizing the purification capability as well as offer the cleansing capacity of mechanical, organic, as well as chemical filter media.Improve Water Quality -The three-way layers of biography filter pads can quickly filter out all undesirable bits, such as food as well as various other deposits. It can be reduced to fit your present filter or utilized as matten filter for tiny fish storage tanks.

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